"Museum in the Classroom"  

We offer to bring an exhibit from the ancient world to your school. This mini-museum consists of reproductions (some reduced in scale for logistical reasons) of art and artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  The collection includes: pottery, statuary, papyrus, illustrations of wall paintings and mosaics, coins, glassware, scale models of siege machines, full size armor and weapons, funerary items, theater masks, and oil lamps.  To accommodate the entire collection, 11 - 12 six-foot long tables (or their equivalent) are needed.  The room where the collection is displayed must be secure and locked when not being supervised.  Each item has a description card.  Large illustrated boards supply additional background knowledge.  Historia Antiqua provides a guide to lead students through the exhibit and emphasize different aspects according to the wishes of individual teachers.  As part of the program, Historia Antiqua will give teachers student museum worksheets, if requested.  Visits to this mini-museum can benefit social studies, Latin, art, and industrial arts classes.

The cost* of this mini-museum program is $425 for the set up and first day of student visits, $225 for each additional day of student visits. 

*These costs are for September 2019 - June 2020.  They can change if schools request special modifications in programs to fit particular curriculum and /or available finances.  If an overnight stay is needed for presenters, an additional $125 per night is required.