Historia Antiqua - Home of "Museum in the Classroom"

Let us help you make ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome come alive for your history, Latin, art classes, or any other relevant area of your curriculum.

We have developed several programs to enrich students' understanding and appreciation of these cultures.

Our most unique offering is "Museum in the Classroom."  During travel and study in England, Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Israel, we have collected over 85 reproductions of art and artifacts to create a mini-museum.  This collection can be set up in your school.  Unlike most "real" museums, our display allows your students "to get up close and personal" with museum quality replicas of pottery, statuary, military armor and weapons, and many other items.

We also offer 10 live presentations for classrooms or auditorium settings.  These programs are: "The Roman Military," "Visit from a Pompeian Slave," The Greek and Roman Gods as Reflections of Us," "A Trip down the Nile," "Ancient Roman Water and Sewer Systems," and others.  These multi-media performances use power point, motion picture clips, live display and demonstration of replica items as well as interactive activities.

Look at the Classroom and Auditorium Presentations page to read detailed descriptions of each of these offerings. 

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